Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EDM Challenge 185 ~~ Draw a cat

I hope you can see this. Sometimes it's hard to see animals
when they're seen from an odd viewpoint. These are two of
my late cats. Kittyboy is the white and black one on the left.
Beany is the black one on the right. I took this picture one day,
laughing because Kittyboy hated Beany and wanted no part of him.
This never stopped Beany from trying to be Kittyboy's friend.
The day I took the picture, they were both sleeping. I came in,
Beany woke up, but clearly didn't want to move because (in my
opinion) he knew if he did Kittyboy would wake up and punch him.
So all he moved was his eyeball, to look at me. Kittyboy died
eleven years ago (13 yrs. old). Beany died three years ago
(18 yrs. old). But this picture has made me laugh for all those years.
The lyrics are from the song "Love is Just a Four Letter Word".
They're a little hard to read here, so here they are:

"Outside a rambling storefront window cats meowed till the break of day."

Monday, February 14, 2011

EDM Challenge 286 Draw a Shirt

This scanned a teeny bit crooked I think.
It looks straight in the book. Hmmm...
That's one of those old boats called a Sampan
that he's building just in case you were wondering.
The lyrics are from the song "Union Sundown"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

EDM Challenge #239 Draw something that scares you

I never do this. NEVER. But there I was in the doctor's office.
And there IT was. All I had was my paint marker. And a pencil.
So I did it. I colored it in later.
And yes, it was a weird scale...not symmetrical. But then neither am I. :o)
The lyrics are from the song "Jet Pilot"