Tuesday, January 18, 2011

EDM Challenge # 176 Draw Something Summer

Ten months. TEN months since I've been here. But I'm working on a couple of things. I am a bit rusty. But here is my first go after all this time.
The lyrics are from the song "Sara". They're a little hard to read.
They are:
I can still see them playing with their pails in the sand.
They run to the water, their buckets to fill.
I can still see the shells falling out of their hands,
As they follow each other in back of the hill.


martinealison said...

Que de châteaux de sable... ou que d'enfants!
Toujours est-il que l'ensemble donne une belle note de vie à ce dessin.

Vicki Holdwick said...

This is spectacular, Ellen.


Dan Kent said...

Woohoo!! Welcome Back!! I REFUSED to erase my link to you on my blog.

Where is the rust?! I don't see it. The spread is wonderful - it is a great depiction of the lyrics. I am amazed that it looks just like a blackboard. How did you do that?

So glad to have you back!

winna said...

Awesome look! Love the words, colors etc.

bettyfromtexas said...

What a beautiful return!! Gorgeous pages!!

debra morris said...

Great spread, good to see an update on my dashboard..... welcome back!

nanke's stuff said...

Welcome back! I love this little piece. The colors, the old fashioned pails, and the words - wonderful! nancy

donna said...

This is a wonderful interpretation. I love your handwriting. It is so good to see you post again. Welcome back!

Ellen Burkett said...

Thank you so much everyone.
Merci, Martine!
Vicki, thank you so much!
Dan, I thank you sir! I have been deleted in more places than I care to remember! haha! Thanks for keeping me on your list! And for the welcome. The pastel look comes from painting a ground of clear gesso and a couple of coats of black acrylic paint. It is tough as can be once those coats dry. The drawing is done with Prismacolor pencils and when it seems too waxy after the buildup of layers, it's usually better the next day and takes more layers. If not, I spray it all with a light coat of Krylon MatteFinish spray and it's ready again.
Thank you too, to winna, betty, debra, nanke and donna. You are all so very kind. I'm glad to be back.

Cathy Holtom said...

A lovely drawing to come back with, hope to see more of you this year :)

BarbaraB said...

What a treat to see your work. I love the pastel colors against the dark backgrounds.

jolene said...

Well it's about time girl! ;-)
You not only came back...you came back with a vengeance!! Great illustration, great lyrics.

Stick around will ya? We all need your inspiration!

Pattie Wall said...

Great to have you back - I missed you! I love this one...colors, content and lyrics all great!!

Ellen Burkett said...

Thank you so much Cathy and Barbara!
Jolene, thank you for your continuing support...you're the one who got me into this! Bless your heart!
Pattie, thank you so much! I appreciate it!!!!

Jim Bumgarner said...

I too, have been patiently awaiting your return, and what a return it is!!

Ellen Burkett said...

What a generous thing to say! Thank you Jim. I hope to be around more often now.

Alex said...

Wow! I was thinking... Ellen.... Ellen had not been posting for a lonnnngggggg time! =)
I am glad you're back, and your work bears your signature strongly still... rusty? Never!
You've been missed Ellen, and this is beautiful work!

raena said...

I don't know how I missed this! I'm so glad you're posting again! Always love your work!