Monday, February 14, 2011

EDM Challenge 286 Draw a Shirt

This scanned a teeny bit crooked I think.
It looks straight in the book. Hmmm...
That's one of those old boats called a Sampan
that he's building just in case you were wondering.
The lyrics are from the song "Union Sundown"


Elza said...

Lovely, sort of 'moody' piece of art work.

BarbaraB said...

Really nice colors against the black.

Cathy Holtom said...

I like how did this with a border around, the colours work well on the black.

Alex said...

I am very familiar with sampan =) I really like how the pages are laid out(unmistakably your style actually)
You really had an interesting art teacher for having you to draw car parts... ^^ Crank shaft would definitely be a challenging one I must say. Thank you for your comments

Dan Kent said...

Such character in the man, and I love the presentation, with the words surrounding him and the leaf border. And I love the red background. I have to remember that - don't think I've ever done a red background to anything!

Elena (Pelusa) said...

I thought about Ernest Hemingway when I saw you work... Well done!

Jolene said...

Serious Awesomeness..'nuff said.

Ellen Burkett said...

Thank you Elza, I don't think it's quite as moody as it looks here. Colors are a bit brighter.
BarbaraB and Cathy, thank you. I need to try to work away from the black soon or I may get addicted. (I probably alreay am)
Alex, I loved that teacher. And yeah, the car parts were nothing you could fudge on. Good practice and some were downright beautiful drawings.
Dan, thank you yet again. Character! I like that!! Not a bad thing to see in a person. One of my favorite quotes (I'm a quote collector) is "Reputation is what you are in the light. Character is what you are in the dark" Just thought I'd mention that. :)
elena, I like that1 he does have a bit of Ernest's look, doesn't he? Thank you!
Jolene, thank you. Very much!

nanke's stuff said...

It really is lovely. It's so rich looking with the deep colors and the black background. And the border just sets it off perfectly. Well done! nancy

raena said...

Well done!

Ellen Burkett said...

Thank you nancy and raena! So much!

Ann said...

Gorgeous page! I am so happy to see you posting again - such a treat to come here and see your latest!