Monday, January 18, 2010

EDM Challenge #43 Draw something china or ceramic

Okay, here's the story. This was the first song I ever heard
that made me realize that songs could actually be about
real things. Even tragic things. This is in some ways my
favorite song for that reason. My best friend in high school
had been given several Bob Dylan albums because she was
such a fan of "Like a Rolling Stone". She didn't like any of
the albums because they weren't the rock style he was playing then...
they were older albums. She gave them to me. I can still remember
sitting on my bed listening to this song and being dumbfounded
by the story it told. The innocence of youth.
The song is "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" which is the
true story of a Haitian woman's murder. If you'd like to read the
And speaking of Haitians, you can donate easily to the Haitians now
by texting the word HAITI to 20222 and $10.00 will be billed to
your phone bill and sent to the relief fund. This is the Clinton
Foundation. He is special envoy to Haiti. Please excuse me if you
already knew this.
As to the drawing...can't get it to scan right but I'm posting it anyway.
It's showing things that aren't there.
C'est la vie!


nanke's stuff said...

I love the bright colors of this drawing and the story too! It just looks so happy. nancy

Sheila said...

Ellen this is wonderful. Again, you floor me with your design, colors and composition. Are you making paintings of these? I think they would do very well.

~jolene said...

Ellen, this is SO freakin' cool! I have been checking often looking for new art - and you blew me away with this one! The lettering is so 60s looking - reminding me of the old posters for Jefferson Airplane when they played in San Fran! The colors are perfect and the haphazard stacking of the tea cups is just amazing and gives it such life!
High Five my friend!

Dan Kent said...

You are so creative! I love the composition of this one, and the colors, and the patterns, and the snaking words, and the lettering, and the way the cups are stacked..okay, I love the whole thing! I plan on checking out the lyrics. I was listening to Dylan today on my Bob Dylan Pandora station, and thought of you. (Actually, I will never listen to Dylan again without thinking of you - how's that for a connection!)

Megha Chhatbar said...

Such a beautiful arrangement of cups...They are so bright and colorful. Well done Ellen..So creative!

Color Pencil Drawing-Rajasthani Painting

Alex said...

Somethings never change, just like a person's signature... your drawings have maintained the same unique style, and bearing your signature.. One look, and you could tell Ellen did this! :)
Thanks for the warm welcome, it's really great to be back. Now that I have more time...I'd be able to at least get back into sketching something ^^

Gary said...

I agree with Sheila above. Your work is strong - it would be very cool to see it in a painting. Once again your patterns and clever arrangement prove to be a powerful piece. Excellent.

Ellen said...

Thank you Nanke, Jolene and Megha! Thank you so much!
Sheila and Gary, I'll have to think about that. I used to paint now and again, but gave up when I hit my wall of depression a couple of years ago. That was just horrendous. I truly thought I'd never pick up a pencil again. I've tackled that at least, but I'm not sure about painting. I'll work on it. Thank you both for having the belief that I could do it.
Dan, I surely could be (and probably have been) remembered for a whole lot worse than a connection to Dylan. I'll take it! I know there are people I can never hear without thinking about certain people I've known. I'll try not to mess it up! :o) And thank you so much for the compliments!
Alex, thank you and welcome back! It's so good to see you posting again!

donna said...

This is uber-cool! I want those cups, they would go really well with my festiveware.

For some reason, I keep thinking they talked about this murder on the television show, Homocide; life on the streets. But I am not sure.

Anyway, this amazing art is a great tribute to a Haitian woman.

Ellen said...

Thank you so much Donna! Interesting about "Homicide"! I just looked it up on Wikipedia and it says this: " A 1997 episode of the Baltimore television serial Homicide: Life on the Street, recites some lyrics of the song in reference to a case in which a wealthy black person is investigated for the murder of a Haitian domestic choked to death in a hotel washroom. She had gone to the party at the hotel to beg the killer to let her keep her job as the family housemaid. The actors having the dialog were Andre Braugher and James Earl Jones, who played her employer."
It also says that some of the lyrics from Dylan's song were recited during the episode. Interesteing, huh? You were right!

Ellen said...

I think I repeated myself there....

donna said...

I'm back among the living! Thanks for researching that. I should have thought of that myself, duh. My brain isn't really working I guess.

As for Homicide, I remember the episode now. It took place at the Hotel Belvedere in Baltimore, which is/was very swanky. Boy, that was a great television show.

Vicki Robison said...

Love your designs. They have a very graphic quality I just love!

Krista Meister said...

Oh, I love this look! Very Mary Englebreit-ish!

Ellen said...

Thank you Vicki!
Krista, I think you're right. I had not thought of it before but I actually think I might have SEEN this type of thing by Mary Engelbreit! OMG!!! Have I stolen from her????? I'm going to have to see. I SWEAR I never meant to, but it seems to me I have seen this before! HOLY COW! What do I do??? I'm going to do a search and see what I've done...maybe.

Ellen said...

Well I haven't been able to find Mary's but I can't believe she didn't do one. And even if she didn't there are a whole mess of illustrations on Google of stacked cups, so I blew it on originality, that's for sure. Lessons learned. Sheeeesh!

Pattie Wall said...

The black background showcases these cups so nicely. Your connection to the lyrics always fascinate me. I just sold a painting to someone who couldn't afford it, so we worked out a deal, she would donate what she could to a Haitian Relief Fund. Works for me!

Ellen said...

Excellent idea Pattie! Bless your hearts! Both of you!